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  • Nora and Bo have are shocked and relieved to see that Matthew is alive.
  • Clint and Viki speak to Bo and Nora separately about the importance of banding together, not pulling apart, during the aftermath of their ordeal.
  • John finds out the identity of Michael Fitzwater’s killer among the documents he found at Finn’s house, and Judge Fitzwater confronts Finn in prison.
  • Todd and Victor plot to extract revenge on Mayor Finn for kidnapping Jack and shooting Blair.
  • Ford and Jessica tell Clint about Cassidy’s visit and Brody’s note.

Just Updated – OLTL Fan Fiction – Script 37

In this edition of the OLTL Fan Fiction learn what happens after the gun is fired at Matthew, and how John reacts to the news. Clint comes clean with his family and tells them about Bo and Nora’s kidnapping. Plus, will John and Patrick finally find Bo and Nora and save them from Troy and Finn?

OLTL Fan Fiction – Script 37


New Spoilers for the Upcoming Fan Fiction – Script 37

• Matthew calls John after hearing a gunshot outside of the Evans’ window. John, who’s in Mayor Finn’s house executing the search warrant, promises to investigate, then stumbles across some information that leads him to where Nora and Bo are being held.

• Nora and Bo, believing that Matthew is dead, gain grief-stricken strength that enables them to get the upper hand on Troy and Kathleen. Bo recovers from his drug-induced paralysis and knocks Kathleen out, racing over to rescue Nora, who managed to injure Troy enough to run for the door.

• Stitch’s plan goes into effect. Jessica and Ford get a visit from a stranger who delivers a mysterious envelope to them.

• Viki confronts Clint with accusations of deceit about his abrupt departure, and discovers that Bo and Nora are missing.

• A huge standoff is in the works when John and the police arrive at Finn’s hideaway.


‘One Life to Live’ Fan Fiction Script 36 is Here!

You’ll will definitely enjoy this latest OLTL fan fiction script from our talented writer, Kaydee. In this latest script, Matthew is very worried about his dad and expresses his concerns with Destiny. Todd and Blair discuss Jack’s recovery from his ordeal. Troy tries to explain to Finn how much he loves Nora, and that the only reason she doesn’t express her love back is because she is still married to Bo. Plus, both Nora and Bo look on in horror as they watch a video of someone firing a gun towards Matthew.


New Spoilers for the Upcoming OLTL Fan Fiction Script!


• John collects tons of evidence to review from Finn’s house in a desperate attempt to find Nora and Bo.
• Meanwhile, Brody and Stitch take their plan to the next level while Officer Parker keeps a close watch on their actions.
• Victor and Téa take their new baby home, and Todd tells Vicotr that Jack has returned.
• Jack suffers a mild post-traumatic breakdown that strengthens his newly formed bond with his father when Todd is there to comfort him.
• Nora and Bo are in for more torture at the hands of their captors, and they each suffer personal traumas of Nora’s rape.

OLTL Fan Fiction – Script 35

In this latest edition of the OLTL Fan Fiction, Natalie is more than happy to get her walking papers from the hospital, and Jack and Starr share a special reunion. Plus, things take a terrible turn after Mayor Finn takes both Nora and Bo as hostages, and the unthinkable happens!

OLTL Fan Fiction – Script 35


• Natalie and Blair go home.

• Jack has an emotional reunion with Starr.

• The Llanview Police Department ambushes the Buchanan Lodge, but just as they believe that they have rescued Bo and Nora, Mayor Finn turns the tables and they escape with Bo and Nora as hostages.

• Judge Fitzwater’s history with Kathleen Finn continues to unravel through flashbacks.

• Nora and Bo’s lives will change forever at the hands of their captors.

Just Updated – New OLTL Fan Fiction

Thanks to all our faithful readers of the OLTL Fan Fiction. I’m still in the process of setting up this site, so please bear with me.

Here is Kaydee’s newest OLTL Fan Fiction Script – Hope you enjoy!

OLTL Fan Fiction – Script 34

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